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At the Shaolin Kung Fu Health and Fitness Academy our students face the same challenges that you also must face in life.  The difference is, we remember that we are martial artists and our mental strength is to be as strong as our physical and therefore we are able to overcome adversity with a positive mindset because we have been given the tools to reach our best potential.  At the Academy, our students all adhere to a high standard of values and behavior.

Our Academy offers something for everyone…and we mean that!  We except students age 3 and up.  Find out why men, women and children have chosen to train with us. 

We believe in treating our students, their families and fellow co-workers as members of the team.  Each plays an integral part in maintaining the Academy’s excellence.  This is why we offer the services that we provide.  For example, while you are waiting for your child to finish class or are waiting for your class you will be happy to know that we cater to you by providing a professional massage therapist on designated days of the week to relax and de-stress you after a long day at work! If you choose not to have a massage, sit in our waiting area, enjoy a cup of tea and light snacks and relax the mind, body and spirit!  Our Academy prides itself on a holistic approach to health and fitness and we believe that the mind, body and spirit must all be developed in order to be in the best shape of your life. This is why have focused on providing an environment of peace and positive energy within our school.  We believe that martial arts is not a sport but a way of life and an experience therefore it is imperative that the environment that you train in is positive and stress free!






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